Rek'Sai has not been one of the most used champions for a long time. I'm not sure if it's because players don't like her abilities, or if it's because of what I think is an unfair game. RIOT has been spending a lot of time into buffing and nerfing champions that players actually use, and because of that, I think they completely forgot about Rek'Sai. Now that most champs have been buffed or nerfed multiple times, I tried to play Rek'Sai and it did not go well. Out of 10 games I only had about 2 decent games. I will say this now because it is true. Rek'Sai needs a hard buff. I was jungle against evelynn and one of her individual spike would do as much damage as Rek'Sai's ultimate. Saying this Rek'Sai's maxes Ultimate would do about 400 damage. Evelynn's ultimate did about 880 damage. Rek'Sai has unique abilities and such, so I believe she needs a buff ASAP so players who actually play her can have fun not anger and disappointment. Even a rework wouldn't be bad for this champion. {{champion:421}} Can anyone that joins this discussion please take 5 seconds of their time and just click on yes or no below in the poll please. Would be very much appreciated to get as many upvotes as possible. Thank you! <3 Also oops the poll is meant to say: Do you think Rek'Sai should be buffed?
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