Help in picking the right champions for me?

Hi guys, Judging by the title, it's probably obvious I am a relatively new player. As far as learning I am (by personal analysis) a frustrating learner. Most people would tell me that when learning lanes, use the simple champs to learn. Example: Garen Top, Annie Mid and Ashe Bot etc. However, I hate learning this way as I find no difficulty learning these champs and just want to get right into the mediocre champions to use and potentially main. My list so far is: Darius Top, Yi or Jax Jungle, Ahri Mid, Pyke Support and Jinx Bot. I'm having some fun playing Darius so I don't see any real reason to change him however I was intrigued by Aatrox. Yi and Jax for Jungle I'm also having fun with, Yi definitely on the weaker side but is fun to play all around. Ahri for Mid, I enjoy her but I don't. I was looking into Zed but believed he may be too difficult for me at this point in time. Support I don't play at all, but if I must, Pyke and Thresh are there. ADC as Jinx. I;m not like Jinx a whole heap, and although I enjoyed Ashe, she was too easy and boring for me. Jinx is just outright boring and her lack of mobility is everything against what I have fun in playing. This may sound confusing and I apologise. To summarise however, is Darius worth changing? Maybe for Aatrox? Ahri to be changed? And an ADC suitable would be nice. I like the look of Draven, but again. Think he is too difficult. If you guys could help me by giving me a list of some 'mediocre' champs I should refer to mainly for top, mid and adc I would appreciate it highly.
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