10 Tips To Get Out Of Bronze! (Used To Be Stuck)

Recently I was stuck in bronze but then after these simple things I bared in mind,I made it out and currently am silver 4 with 69 lp making my way up to s3 :D 1. Believe it or not but raging/flaming is one of the MAJOR causes you lose games, trust me the more you stay calm and focus on your own game,the more you will likely win. I once had a game where riven was 0/5 but then ended up 15/7/13. Why? Because no one flamed her and blamed her therefore she isn't pressured by her team and can realise her own mistakes more.In other words don't cause your teamates to tilt and do more horribly than they are doing. 2. Warding. Warding is something that most bronze/silver players barely do. It seems that no one realizes how important warding is and how much it can affect your gameplay. Put it this way, if you didn't ward at least one side of the bushes in mid lane would you see a gank coming? The answer is absolutely NO, you have no vision of that bush which is basically a free treat for the enemy jungler to gank you and force you to burn a summoner or even worse slay you which would then lead to the enemy having a advantage over you. Now if you put a ward in that bush and saw the jungler, you would already have backed off and if the enemy jungler stays there then good since your other lanes would be able to go more agro and also gives time for your jungler to gank other lanes or countergank. Remember when you ward one side of the bush in mid lane you always want to stay at that side since you have vision on that. 3. Posistioning. Posistioning is what can win games, there were alot of scenarios where my adc is in the frontline while the tank is all the way back which gives the enemy assassin an easy pick off the adc since there would be no peel.Unless you're the tank, you always want to stay back and wait for all the cc to be burned on your tank before you engage. 4. Advantage. I have seen so many post like "Omg I'm done with ranked, I do so well but my team does shit". Understand that some games are just uncarriable but also if you are highly skilled or have overall better game understanding you will eventualy get out of that elo. What most bronze/silver players do when they get ahead is mostly push out their lane and waste their time trying to kill the enemy laner who is too afraid to even farm and waste their time on that instead of helping other lanes get ahead. You guys have to understand that if you get other lanes ahead you will not be the only threat but your other laners as well. 5. Objectives. The thing about objectives is that you have to read the situation before taking a certain objective but for me I usually go 1st tier turrets(Nexus turrets)>Inhibs>Baron>Turrets>Dragon>Kills. Most bronzies like to think that if they ace the enemy it's a call for a baron but don't realise if they push mid right now it can be a potentially game ending push. I had many games in bronze where my team would chase a 50hp enemy instead of taking HIGHER objectives, the time they spent chasing the enemy could have gotten at least inhib turrets or get baron to half health. Apparently dragon is like the objective MUST here in low elo. I have a personal experience where we had a lee jungler and xin zhao enemy jungler.I warded dragon and we saw xin going there and lee wanted to contest it so I told him to get baron instead. When xin zhao finished drag the baron was quarter health and was definetely ours. My point here is that you have to read the situation before deciding on what objective to take. 6. Score. To low elo, score seems like is what decides games. Let me tell you it is not the score but what you do for the team. I had a game where I was yasuo and went 4/10/4 but what did I do to make up for my deaths? I took turrets I warded for my team ALOT and that's what I did for the whole game. Take objectives and ward. We won the game eventually since the wave started building up all the lanes and while they were busy defending the wave we took baron and ended. 7. Counters. MOST low elo players think that just because this guy pick zed I must pick kayle to counter him. NO! It does not work that way, it's not about who counters who but it's about your mechanics on that champion. Not convinced? Let's put redmercy agaist a newbie kayle. Will redmercy lose against the newbie kayle? Never since redmercy's mechanics with zed is really good he would overcome the "counter" but will redmercy lose against a skilled kayle? Possibly,it would all come down to who has the better mechanics. Note: Redmercy is a awesome diamond zed main,check him out :D. 8. GG FF@20. OMG DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS!! Not only are you bringing down the team but you're being a little b1tch. Think about it, does saying "GG FF@20" help the team and get you a fking pentakill? No it doesn't so just shutup and play the godamn game. If you ever have a guy like this just mute him instantly. 9. When to take a break. If you are on a 3 game losing streak, that's when you have to take a break, the more you play the more you tilt the more you lose. I learned that the hard way. 10. MOST IMPORTANTLY.........Have fun! Remember it's just a game,unless you're trying to get to challenger (you would not be even looking at this post if you are) then just have fun. Be goofy and enjoy the game. This game was not meant to be something you have to get frustrated over at. Games are made for one to relax and have fun. Edit 1: Finally Silver 3. Just be positive and learn from your mistakes. You'll eventually climb :D
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