Active items are... boring.

Heaven's Halberd
The Heaven's Halberd is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Artifacts. However, it requires an item from the Secret Shop to be completed.
**Heaven's Halberd applies a disarm to an opponent. An example of an active that could be interesting to have in league** **Alright gonna get this out of the way, title may be controversial but its my opinion (as someone coming from Dota 2. I've been playing league for about 3 years and this still bugs me).** Scroll to the bottom for a tl;dr. ---- I'm going to preface this with an example so you don't have to do much reading if you don't want to. Also for the sake of my argument I'm not going to include twisted treeline/nexus blitz (mostly because they're not the "main game", I'm happy to discuss with anyone who wants to about this later but I'm just talking summoners rift for now). * _Black Cleaver as an activate-able that applies the armour shred to a target, instead of having the passive (or even disable the passive when activated)_ Alright that's going to make a lot of people angry, but hear me out real quick. - Cleaver is a bruiser item, almost exclusively, and bruisers themselves aren't that mechanically interesting, so adding another button could be fun. But this isn't my main point - Aggressive item choices are _sorely_ lacking. What does league have in the way of aggressive items? Cutlass and its upgrades, Hextech items, aaaand I guess spooky ghosts? Righteous glory kind of fits so I'll chuck it in, but it doesn't directly effect the enemy. Randuins is in the same boat (brb gonna check the item list to make sure I don't miss any). Redemption is mostly used as a defensive item, and its offensive capabilities are laughable - Utility is _entirely_ team comp based, and while that can be a good thing, it can also be detrimental in a few ranks of play (not my personal ones, but think of the little guys). Items in league are either, passive stat boosts/buffs. Active defensive options, and active slows. Where's the disables? Where's the damage? Where's the... intrigue? If you were to play support, irregardless of _who_ you play, what do you build? _Defensive items_. Why? **_Because that's all there is_**. This is the issue. There is no middle ground between a damage support and a defensive support. Either you are a tank, healer, or mage. Also pyke. Your item builds do not change from your role, and they don't change depending on what you're versing. _That is the important part_. **Outside of defensive stats, what you build is not effected by who you are against.** (Ok obviously you'd build armour pen against a malphite/rammus but that's not entirely related to what I'm talking about). Versing an Assassin? Good luck. Versing a Tank? Have fun waiting out the early game until you get pen items. Versing a team of shields/heals? You get the idea. League lacks offensive options in item builds. Imagine a cutlass, but instead of slowing, _it silenced for a second or two_. Suddenly this item is viable on supports, or anyone that wants to be aggressive. Sure it sounds broken, but that's because it's so vastly different to anything league already has. "Since the champion's kits are all focused on aggression, items need to compensate by being defensive" I hear you cry. Ok, Counter-Argument; Why? Why do all the items either need to be passive stat boosts, or defensive actives? If you're playing support and an assassin on the enemy team becomes overbearing, what do you do? You can only defend so much. Now what is it that makes assassins balanced? They die. _But in most games, they don't, because they're too mobile_. Fizz? Invulnerability. Eve? Invulnerability. Zed? Invulnerability. Yi? Invulnerability. Talon? I mean I guess he just dies (side note; slows are useless against dashes. Just gonna put that out there). Going back to my initial example, black cleaver as an offensive active that shreds the targets armour. Now that _sounds_ super broken, and it kinda is, **BUT**, its actually more broken at the moment. If you tie the armour shred to an active, then the player has to choose to target one person, _as opposed to being able to shred the entire teams armour_. More mechanical interest, more player interaction, more strategy. Suddenly the item goes from a defensive reactionary buy on assassins to a potential offensive choice. It also becomes viable on a lot of supports, because who wouldn't want to let their ADC hit through armour. League's current offensive items are all slow based (an exception being proto-belt so sure have that if you want). Things you can do with league's actives: -> Slow the enemy -> Shield your team -> Heal your team -> Run fast -> Shield yourself -> Turn into a golden jackass -> Damage the enemy Ok, now which of these are offensive? -> Damaging the enemy -> Slowing the enemy? -> ...Running fast? I mean, kinda? What if league had items that -> Silenced -> Applied debuffs _other than slows_ -> Stunned -> Displaced (imagine using proto-belt on an enemy that walks too close to push them into your team) -> ??? There is so much potential for variety in league, but the items have stagnated since... well, always. --- TL;DR - Actives are either slows or defensive. - Gameplay through items is boring, since you just reactively buy defensive stats, or buy the same damage items. - Actives _should_ include disable options. - Support items are either mage items, tank items, or babysit items (also pyke [_who builds tank now anyway_] ). --- BTW this is written all in one go so my points are (more than likely) all over the shop, so if you want clarification on anything or to rebut anything _please_ do so. I look forward to a debate.

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