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I have a BIG question to you guys... Why am i put in my promos for silver 3 with 2 bronze 1 and one bronze 2 even after i had win streak of a 5 games ? I know they might have a high mmr or something in this lines but they are still bronze in the end... i know the difference between low silver high bronze are not so big but still it needs some skill that if u lack it its hard to win or cooperate with the team. Its been effecting my games negatively recently. Even tough i win my lane i go help and win theirs push at the same time farm like crazy take objectives and try everything in the end someone just goes and does something that looses the game. For example this one time in my promos i went very fed with riven they had pushed is to inhib tower in mid and i did some riven stuff and got a penta we pushed to their inhib and took it and we went baron. Then we pushed again i got cuadra and one dude was left alive dont remember the champ and guess what .... they went and chased him i even with the baron buff as there were not many minions I had to push alone and couldnt finish the nexus in time until the enemy respawn and kill me and then kill them and so we loose the game. You see thats not the only time but the most recent. I know that you will say that this happens to everyone and that silver is very low elo that nobody cares about but its still one of the biggest player based elos in league that i think they should consider more. Its hard to get to a decent elo with a old account that has been several season at bronze. I started playing and i wasnt very good at the game im still not pro as u can tell im stuck in silver but I think that I deserve a way better elo for what i do in the games. Still I enjoy league in strange way even tough its so toxic XD . Just wanted to put this out cause its been something that I think is not only my point of view.
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