The overwhelming number of bots in Coop vs AI games

I think its time for Riot to stop putting all its effort into punishing people that called someone else a poopy head and tackle the real problems in league. Such as the overwhelming number of Botting accounts in Coop vs AI games. I usually play this game mode to test out my ping, but recently I have come to notice a distinct pattern of gameplay and naming of my teammates. I have noticed that a large major a normal name (Bob, mike, peter, raphael) followed by 4-5 numbers. However Some are sneaky, like my third teammate Peter PK Neil, who played exactly the same as the other bot. He only walked down the middle of the lane right into the turrets over and over and over. I posted my post match screen, Im not entirely sure if the don't name and shame rule applies to bots. Im tired of always reporting bots and playing a game with them a week later. Its time Riot did something about this.
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