Laning vs Cait Leona, disgusting CC and tank with crazy damage.

I will start this off by saying I am not a bot laner. But everyone gets filled there from time to time. Now this isnt a lane that I see all the time but Cait is pretty common, and with CoC, hard CC sups seem to be more FOTM atm. They just have such a huge poke and engage range and the ability to pile on CC while Leo seems to just ignore my adc and take barely any damage even though she dove into a creep wave and is tanking minions too while Caits range means she just sits far back and autos and if you dare try to engage on Cait you end up sitting on a cupcake and getting destroyed. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} I would normally play casters as a sup, Sona Lux Brand Morg or maybe Malphite or Ali if we need the hard engage and tank, and my tank sup page is 28 arm and 12 mr and 2.7 mr @18, for casters its usually my safe mid page with res yellows and blues or my 26 ap 15 arm page. ATM I feel like if im filled and see Cait and Leo on enemy team I should just dodge and hope for a better matchup next game. Thoughts on the lane matchup? Fave counters? Thoughts on dodging when you see a certain enemy comp vs your comp?
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