About the current game experience and game strategy

Hi Roit, I am a 30 something years old player, first of all I love LOL! First time to write things on the board hope any of your staff will read this and comment. I would like to talk about the current game play experience most likely about the team strategys, the first thing I want to talk about is the TP time, since mid of last year you guys change the TP time , TP is not really useful as before, the point of view for me LOL is a team game if we focus on the lane not much the other team mate can do about except jungle. I might can't tell any solutions but I want to share my game experience. For the reason I like LOL is because is a team game, but since you guys changed quite a lot of things to reduce the early game supporting from the other lane, the game becoming to a bit of not many other ways expect facing lane. The strategy become simple, team game should require more strategies then a Presonal skills (of course is important too), I understand you guys might want the game time getting shorter, but if a team game lost their strategies, it also lost main theme for playing as a team. Now for me LOL still the best game ever, I am thinking maybe we can do something more in the jungle or maybe we might can have couple of extra ban places , extra maps also can increase the fun and strategies(something like Starcraft, player choose different maps to maximum their strategies in game) all these could creat more strategies during the gaming time. Hope all the summoners can reach whatever the rank they want and love this game as long as we can. Last hope any riot staffs can read this. Bit early but Marry Christmas for you all!
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