What should I be doing?

About Me: Lvl 30, B4, KrimsonDeath Main Role: Mid Main Champions Top: Xin'Zhao, Lee Sin 7/10 8/10 Mid: Zed Katarina 8/10 10/10 ADC: Trying to learn Ezreal 4/10 SUP: Lux 7/10 JG: Lee Sin 7/10 CS Time: Usually 100 by 19 Minutes My Pros: Quality Mid and toplane mechanics I know how to position myself in teamfights I can make quick plays with the possibility to change an outcome of a fight Insta-Mute enemy team upon game start and teammates that flame I try to remember to counter build other than follow a specific build My Cons: I have a habit of flashing right before ignite is about to kill me sometimes Usually only have around 200cs per game when I tend to hit 100 It slows down alot for me because im more focused on roaming. Tend to forget to build boots until late game. Cant influence my team enough Getting screamed my head off at for not calling mia.. Looking to improve: My cs score My ranked clinbing My carrying My champion ramge, tanks - counterpicks etc My teamwork My adc skills MY knowledge My ability to admit defeat My ability to keep trying When i play ranked seriously I tend to lose 50% of my games and win 50% of my games but just a small amount more of losses and when i hit my promos last I usually only end up winning 1 game it seems to be alot harder when under pressure so im also looking for tips on improving my mindset.
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