Desprately needing help, Solo Q isn't the same.

I really need help, and hope that this doesn't sound too ranty; I don't know why, but league has suddenly became a very different, and much more difficult game in "Solo Q", I'm feeling incredibly disheartened with the game having , won only 3 games all season and I just need help. I'm bad at video games; and while in the past I've managed to claw my way out of bronze into mid silver, I have found myself in some kind of Elo-purgatory, were all my games play out in a similar manner; pointedly of all the games i have played since the start of this season, I've been crushed in around 90%. It is devastating, my pre-season ranking had me in silver where I won about 50% of my games; 2 days later my placements put me in bronze, which is fine and I enjoy the climb. What I don't enjoy is being placed in low bronze (B3, 0LP) and still being crushed almost every game. This massive drop in "Skill" seems to have occurred in less than a week. I'm not entirely sure why this is happening and I need help. How, in this world of dynamic ques, 2,3,&4 man pre-mades, where people are getting their favorite rolls, how do you win games, as a former low elo jack of all trades who could prey upon people being forced to lock support & stuck in lanes they don't play. Right now, I don't even care about climbing out of bronze, I probably belong there, its just I would like to win more than 10% of my games. Writing this has helped me highlight my problem (atleast in part) as simply having an MMR higher (MMR is still roughly low silver) than my actual skill. I no longer have my main tool for winning games available to me, throughout previous solo Q experiences I've been able to exploit people who play rolls they are unfamiliar with, or who were unhappy with the champion select in some way, for a victory. Clearly I need to just pick 2 rolls and a few champions to spam with until i'm proficient enough to win games, find some friends and climb again, but what should I be doing to get ahead and win those games.
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