Congratulations Riot you fucked over Brand.

[What.]( [The.]( [Fuck.]( [Is.]( [This?]( You butcher his iconic passive in favour of...what? Something that was a problem you were trying to get rid of- shit with no skill attached to it. There was this _word_ , that currently escapes me you used to describe this kind of passive, forgetful gameplay. THAT'S RIGHT, YOU KNOW SOMETHING'S WRONG WHEN I USE THE WORD "PASSIVE" TO DESCRIBE YOUR AGGRESSIVE, HIGH DAMAGE BURST MAGE. _AND HE'S ON FUCKING FIRE!_ Hell I have a new phrase for it: FLAME AND FORGET (Which also describes the way I deal with the shitheads I get in game these days). You use three abilities, hope they all hit the same target then pray that someone else on the other team is brain dead enough to stay in the circle for maybe a tiny sliver of damage, just a bit more damage then the old passive gave. I particularly like the point back when you were outlining what Brand's strengths were where you focused on the burn- were you chortling to yourselves even then at the LIE? At the nudge that made everyone think you believed the passive was fine when in reality you were getting ready to rip it to pieces? And that final explosion doesn't feel like fire, it feels more like a ticking bomb going off, more like Ziggs, no Zilean! DID YOU COPYPASTA THE CODE OVER RIOT? I can practically see the cogs turning at HQ: Brand>Support>AoE>Zilean>New Brand passive. And what's worse is that because of what has been done to it, you can't poke anymore, sustained poking Brand is DEAD there is no reason to it, you are making his gameplay more binary (also kicking his early game in the teeth unless you like returning to base constantly due to mana issues). Before you could just throw out Qs and Ws during those moments before a teamfight or base siege at random when the moments presented themselves, or you could choose not to, for whatever reason, to throw the enemy off, who knows but now you ABSOLUTELY MUST make sure you can get off TWO MORE ABILITIES for him to deal any damage whatsoever. And the other team will know this. "Hey guys, Brand just used pillar, let's wait it out then go in because he is now 1000 TIMES MORE SHIT NOW THEN HE WAS BEFORE if he can't get another cast off in the next few seconds." Leading onto the next point. HE'S NOT A BURST MAGE ANY MORE! WHEN I WANT SOMETHING DEAD I WANT IT DEAD **NOW **NOT IN FIVE SECONDS. AND BEING UNABLE TO **REAPPLY HIS PASSIVE ON A TARGET?** HOOOOOOLY SHIT DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS GOING TO BE TO KEEP TRACK OF IN A TEAM FIGHT? (Did I just miss that one guy with all my shit or is he INVULNERABLE to being E>Q'd and stunned in the face for 2 seconds? Oh I'm sorry - NOW IT'S 1.5 SECONDS) And TOUGH LUCK throwing out something on a fleeing target because now you can nearly 100% guarantee that they will NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, DIE TO BLAZE. Oh yeah, what happens when target is immune to Blaze for 2 more seconds and cops a Q? Will Blaze start effecting them for the remaining duration of the Q or will it be _more tough luck?_ And one more thing with his passive, that I just realised: IS THAT IT MAKES THE ENEMY TEAM SPLIT UP. YOU ARE LITERALLY SAYING- YOU HAVE IT IN FUCKING **WORDS** -THAT BRAND LOVES IT WHEN HIS "ENEMIES HUDDLE TOGETHER" AND YOU GO CHANGE UP HIS PASSIVE SO THAT IT BECOMES FUCKING INTUITIVE TO SEPARATE. This isn't even a response to the potential damage, the other team will just know not to stand together in the first place! The game will become static as teams fish back and forth endlessly, waiting for someone to do something. IT'LL BE FUCKING NIDALEE LEVELS OF BS ALL OVER AGAIN. And Pyroclasm is just so binary. STILL. BUT WITH EVEN LESS DAMAGE. I DON'T CARE THAT YOU ADDED SHIT TO IT NO ONE CARES. I MEAN LOOK AT MALZ, YOU GOT RID OF HIS ICONIC ZONING POOL AND JUST CHUCKED IT ONTO HIS ULT BECAUSE 99.9% OF THE TIME YOU WANTED TO DO THAT ANYWAY. GOLD FUCKING STAR. SAME HERE, NOTHING CHANGES FOR ALMOST THE ENTIRETY OF IT'S USE. SO MUCH POTENTIAL IN THIS ULTIMATE AND YOU MAKE IT **WORSE?** Holy fuck this shit just made my _night_. /s

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