To the Supports out there.

With the massive stuff going around about the 'Singed Support Main' 14 day ban with a perma ban warning. What is it that us supports must do to that is deemed 'correct'. If us supports have a salty ADC we get abused if we ks even if unintentional. If we roam most of the time we are blamed if the ADC makes a mistake. Or if we make a play that a team mate doesnt follow up on, which results in our death.... we once again are most likely to be abused. Now to the 'Off-meta Singed', honestly Riot what the hell. He counter-jungles at level one which puts the enemy jungler behind (this support the jungler) than the Singed comes to bot lane to assist his ADC, who if he is lucky isn't raging and salty asf (does this not support the ADC) key word SUPPORT! There is no rule saying Supports must support the ADC! But if someone didn't well than they are in deep shit. Why must us supports be forced to play the standard "META" builds/picks. Like geez Braum top was a thing at one point but no one "Reported that".
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