Welcome to the damage meta so far.

I really don't feel like elaborating about why except one sentence but I'm going to anyways. Runes and lethality. Ever since the beginning of preseason, certain picks have emerged with rune combinations that basically break the champion. Klepto and {{champion:41}} , Predator and any movement based assaissn. E.g {{champion:107}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:141}} and Don't get me started on eletrocute. "We nerfed thunderlords two seasons ago, oh look we need a new rune. HOW ABOUT WE BRING BACK THUNDERLORDS" "But sir, people will know" "Then call it something esle" I'm not bitching about how I'm terrible or teammates troll me. I'm talking about the game itself. It's not fun to play when the same picks come out beating you no matter what. The ways to counter picks don't exist like they used to. Taking loads of damage? Build armour. Opponenet builds lethality and armour pen and whoops, you should have bought damage instead at this point.
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