When ADCs struggle

It's like this. If its a tough matchup you build like this, swap into this build whenever you realise relic shield, refillable potion, also ask sup or w/e to go rs as well beserkers grieves - movespeed and aa, king item red ward - vision, replace when dies static shiv - farm back into the game, core item gaurdian angel - stopwatch is infinite scaling defence item if you haven't died - dont die, work with team if you have died a lot and worth nothing - keep running it down a lane shoving cs and getting gold and respawning with a lower level death timer, maybe skip ga and just leave it at bf sword #1 and go into the following, finish later when rejoining team after this go into lategame with a reaver/ie/bt (first bf item ga doesnt count) and pd is the classic combo this setup is most gold effecient if ur struggling in a hard matchup at any level, this is how to play adc from behind and still be useful. if its not tough, tier 2 boots (either serk swiftness or mobility, hurricane & rageblade) if its a contended game more likely ninja tabi and dorans blade then attack speed, sometimes bf rush
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