Blue Essence! Ideas as to how to get it faster and much more efficient, riot please read!

Hello folks, before we start, lets make this article catch riots eye, everyone who reads this article upvote it if you think it should work like this Blue Essence farming; is nearly impossible right? Why don't we make a new system that goes like this.... Your first win of the day (525 EXP Bonus) will give you an orb of blue essence (we'll call this orb X, X is the amount of BE you get based on your level) Now you're probably thinking wait, if i'm level 30 i only get 30 Blue Essence?! No! The conversion from IP to Blue Essence was 1 IP = 8 or 10 Blue Essence (I think? I don't remember) So instead of getting only that much you'll get 100 amount of Blue essence time X, X being your level, so level 10 you get 1,000, 20 2,000, 30 3,000, 40 4,000 etc... now what will happen in the long run is it will be cut down (When you hit a really high level say level 200) it'll be 50 per level instead of 100, (By then you'll have all champions unlocked esp if you've been playing a while) Once you hit milestone levels (50, 100, 150 etc) you get a "large orb of blue essence" which will grant you an immense amount of blue essence. The catch to this though is that there will be a cap on the amount of essence you can horde (We'll call this 200,000 blue essence) Once you get to that cap you must spend it otherwise you cannot earn more untl you spend it! What's your thoughts?
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