Riddle me this, Why are my games at extremes. Riot what's the point of giving me an MMR

I get placed in games that are Low Diamond and then in the very next game I get placed into a high Gold game. The heck is going on here. I get like 10 - 20 minute queues just to find a game, I thought there is heaps of people on roundabout plat. My games have been fluctuating from near 1700 to 2000 mmr current my mmr is sitting on 1900 used to be 1985 ish Someone help me with this one cause seriously the skill drop is insane both on your teammates and enemies is annoying to deal with. Lower mmr games they give up on games so fast just like a fat kid in a marathon race. Like it's toxic to play with. Like why am I getting placed with a disparity of 200 mmr.
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