Why is getting an S so CS reliant?

So, as you know, I've been tryharding lately to get dat sweet, sweet mastery 6 Talon. I noticed that my KDA was normally fine, it was just my CS. After 10-20 games of CSing at different rates, I found the minimum CS rate you can have for an S as a jungler, is 7.0/m. It's honestly absurd that a jungler, who will rarely hit 100 cs by the 20 min mark, especially in bronze, has to keep up at this rate. Although I worked around it by clearing a lot of minion waves and invading non stop, it kind of feels unfair for the jungler to CS non stop. Why not make getting an S on a jungler more objective control based, like how many dragons/barons have you taken compared to the enemy jungler. Just a thought
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