I am currently in Bronze 5 with 0LP and I two-trick {{champion:61}} and {{champion:28}} in Mid and Jungle (and have been since the end of 2014). I know the combos and little tricks with them, and can play pre-level 3 pretty well on them (usually get first blood with Ori). However, I don't know how to play them later on in the lane phase, and I constantly die. And then I'm useless mid-to-late game. I also have no idea how to snowball any lead I get. I don't even try to get kills anymore, since I've heard from multiple sources that objectives > kills. I watch lots of streams and help videos, and record everything and try to implement it into to my games, but I'm still losing most of my games. A lot of guides say "improve cs" (but they never say how, besides "practice"), and whenever I try to cs in games, I die. If I try to cs, they kill me. If I sit back and play safe, they outfarm me and one-shot me under tower. If I try to trade, I also die. It's gotten to the point where I'm so bad that it's affecting my real-life (grades are low, depression, insomnia, etc.). I have no idea what to do now or how to improve (since the all the guides I read/watch don't seem to be benefiting me). PLEASE HELP ME IMPROVE. ANY GENUINE ADVICE WOULD BE NICE. (By the way, please don't tell me to play different champions. I will only play Ori and Eve, nothing else).
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