Riot; player profiles lack information we'd like in our champion section

I've been pondering this for a while In store, you can list skins by release date etc, you can even click "owned skins". However, lets just say for some reason the store goes down as it does from time to time... Why can we not view our "owned skins" within our profile champion tabs rather than open every champ we own and double check which we own and do not, yes there are fail safes, you cant purchase an owned skin etc etc. But for reference, im sure most people would love a page tab in profile detailing How many skins they own, listed by champion in alphabetical order, eg) {{champion:266}} i do not own him so lets move on to the next in the list i do so i can rant off top of my head {{champion:12}} Alistar! I know i own him, i also know i own Marauder skin for him and no other, but due to hextech etc... I wouldnt have a clue if i bought it on sale or i rerolled into it etc. I know there's a list of purchases etc in the account tab, but just straight up... why can't we see entirely with ease, what we own in our profiles? Hextech has it nicely laid out, surely you could clean this section up also so we can view it with a concise easy informed manner!? Why do we have to select the store to see what skins we own at once?
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