Let's Talk About Patch 8.2 Support Item Changes

> [{quoted}](name=Riot Silver Balance Team,realm=NA) >**Patch 8.2 Item Changes** > >Sightstone and Ruby Sightstone - removed > >Talisman of Ascension, Face of the Mountain and Frost Queen's Claim - removed > >Ancient Coin, Relic Shield and Spellthief's Edge lines - changed > >Quest gold value decreased to 500 from 750. >Quest reward changed to Gain Unique Active - Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150s. Holds up >to 3 charges which refill upon visiting the shop." >Relic Shield - changed Here is why I hate these changes so much: - Real support mains loved the item actives, now supports will just be homogenized - Tank supports will be gone from the meta (no more FOTM, harder to complete quest), and poke supports will be even stronger (Xerath, looking at you) - Now just about every role will have a sightstone after they buy something like a spellthiefs or relic shield, i.e. return to Season 3 (wards are everywhere) - That is, if the game doesn't snowball and end first because whichever bot lane loses will not be able to come back (no vision until you complete quest) - Relic shield will be established starting item for every adc (which is already stupid) I wish Riot would consult the community before making vast changes every so often, get some pro players advice on how you would like to shape the meta. This change will not make supports feel appreciated, now they will just become ward bots.
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