Lets talk about difference thoughts on how a game is won.

Alrighty, I'm a gold 1 player that is trying to hit plat before my heart surgery in around 6 weeks. winning games was sort of easy up until i got to this rank. I'm a top lane main that has mainly played Kled but do go moaki if i feel its needed. I feel i find more easier and quicker success if i have an aggressive ballsy team that isn't afraid to go follow up on my ults and dives. lately its a 50 50 to where i find that players seem to care more about their KDA than actually winning the game. to where they play passive and will lose all out turrets just catch 1 guy out of position with us losing no one for it, but still not wanting to 5 v 5 after it. players that will be next to me when i ult in for the 5 v 4 while we have a lead but walk off saying why are you trying that just wait. i would like this discussion to be an open minded non toxic discussion and would like everyone to post their views so i can adapt quickly and find a way to still win even without having any outer turrets.
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