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Origins: Yasuo - Nexus - League of Legends
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Some feedback on my frustrations with Yasuo in the mid lane from lower ELO. * Sustain. He doesn't use mana, and synergises well with lifesteal. * Small windows to engage on him and come out positive with a trade (shield, windwall, dashes). He can play safer during these Windows, meanwhile you've lost mana if you're playing a mana champion to proc the shield for an opportunity. * Strong in all parts of the game, particularly the 30 minute mark. The comebacks are real. Snowbally. * Strong splitpushing and wave clear. Makes it difficult to roam and create pressure on the map in the early laning phase. * Have to keep track of his abilities, his positioning, and the minion waves. My map awareness takes a hit (imagine more practise will provide me with more capacity to deal with it eventually) * DPS and burst damage. Can slay squishies and tanks. * Outplay potential is a bit high. A lot of champs simply negating a single skill can be enough for yasuo to cut them down, without the enemy being able to deal with him as their damage is in their abilities with higher cooldowns than him. With a shield requiring no skill to soak a single skill from an enemy, a knockup to potentially engage or disengage (but requires a charge, so not too bad), a windwall to cancel out many others, and dashes to avoid skill shots, engage, or escape (if positioned well), I think it's a bit much. I've played him a few times. I'm not that great at him, but have had some games where I've carried hard and it felt wrong. I've considered investing time into mastering him, however he gets banned a lot, he's overplayed, and annoys me too much. Interested to know why he suffers in higher ELO however. Perhaps jg shuts him down / camps him, players are more experienced in tracking his kit and keeping map awareness etc, and the enemy team doesn't give him an opportunity to recover if he's behind. Those things don't happen in low ELO. What I'd like against a yasuo is more opportunities to deny him Windows of strength: no auto shield, and him having to earn Windwall and dashes. Perhaps: * Dashes have stacks. He's given 2/3 dashes. Earns a dash for hitting a Q on an enemy, or last hitting a minion with his E. Loses them by getting hit by the enemy. Displayed in Jhin/Annie like bar. At full stacks he can use windwall. * Shield can be proc-ed while it's charging, or requires more skill to earn (perhaps last hitting minions with E). * Nerf his later game if he has a good early game, or give other champs a better late game. I think the new thornmail will help against him for tanks. AD assassins can buy an executioners calling which helps some what. AP champs get demolished late game by him (morellos grievous wounds isn't enough), and early game depends on the match up, but generally he can take them. * Do something about his sustain, or his waveclear. Gate him with mana, reduce his DPS/attack speed early game, reduce his health regen, or nerf lifesteal runes and items, no lifesteal on Q proc. * Perhaps make him more bursty, and build flat damage / lethality rather than crit and attack speed More skill expression in obtaining strength, allow the enemy to deny/work around strength, and provide more strengths and weaknesses. He should be able to be outplayed as much as he can outplay - at the moment it's mostly tied in the skill of the yasuo player. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading :)
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