Aatrox bug

Hi everyone :) I didn't record it because I didn't expect it but I wanted to bring this up in case Riot hasn't seen it, if I am in the wrong forum I apologise, i don't usually come here. So basically I was Skarner jungler, Aatrox was the enemy top laner against my Sion top laner. I ganked when aatrox was just out of rangee of my tower as he was pushed and had not warded, I dropped the E on him and auto attacked for the stun, then I ulted him and pulled him to the tower. This whole time Sion was auto attacking and I think he might have done his knockup attack but he ended it early so he just slowed. Aatrox did not have his passive up so he wasn't going to live but when he jumped in the air Sion and I saw where he was going to land and we started to move to it but Aatrox never came down. It is usually like a second to jump up and com down but this time there was 2 or 3 seconds of "wait for it, wait for ..... where is he?" then I scrolled back over just in time to hear him die to a tower shot and fall down. After this he had a bit of salt in the chat and mega tilted for an easy win but yeah.... I've never seen it before but he seems to have jumped up and hovered then been killed by 2 shots from tower. Let me know if this is a new ability but i feel like it's a bug xD Enjoy your day all!
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