Revert BE to IP

Rito really stuffed up with this patch, the only way you can get BE is by disenchanting champion shards that you get from capsules which u get by levelling up which takes longer and longer until you hit level 150, then it stays the same. If u get a champ shard of a specific champ u want then u won't even get any BE until you level up again. Now they've also removed rerolling, you have to disenchant a LOT of shards just to upgrade one. So the only way to QUICKLY get champions (quickly as in not 5 years wait) is to spend RP which, will be good for Rito, but for the average player, not so much. This pretty much forces people to use RP which should be optional and you should be able to easily progress in game without spending money. Feelsbadman{{item:3070}} Upvote if you want the old IP system back. Edit1: I'm not saying remove everything about the new system, keep the unlimited levels and the rewards for leveling up, but keep the old currency system. The new rewards system is good for keeping people playing the game and its amazing for people who have bought all the champions but for newer people it makes it really hard to afford champions, especially newly released ones.

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