Ranked Been placed from Gold to Silver now Demoted after troll after troll

Ranked Been placed from Gold to Silver now Demoted after troll after troll I had a kindred jungle troll 2 deaths rage quit then i ve had a game with a rammus die 6 times then quit this is unfair i am loosing like 23 LP for something i dont even do ranked is not a fair system if the other players are punished for others inconsistencies.... I dont understand i keep getting placed with team mates that know nothing to no pathing or skills and they are GOLD or silver for there first season i know riot did give them a higher ELO this season. makes no logical sense to me i was gold i have had that many losses and demoted back to silver 2 not BECAUSE of my play style or who i play but other team mates just feed there asses out DONT listen in a TEAM game and just continue to drag others down its not a positive system anymore to play rank it does not have a realistic result when u get 15 lp for a win and loose LP for a loss you can carry on saying you u not tilt which i dont.......... but nothing you can do 4 v 5 the higher percentage of them winning a game is ALOT higher then 4 team mates lets be logical here. if you cared about PLAYERS you would actually amend ranked and fix it and have a level cap to play it if they wanna troll or try out new champs do it in Bots or norms not in ranked. its just a waste of time and other peoples time and its depressing if you really care about the players do something cause negativity continues you will loose money but you wont ban players its another one on your list thats playing right riot... more money in your pocket.
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