GJ Riot You're Doomed us all

Day 1 of new runes: fkin Ap champs are running rampant and games are ending before any reasonable retaliation and defence can occur. Roles have dissolved and the only thing that seems viable is heavy ap champs that are broken beyond all belief. Fkin Ryze and kill some on in under 0.5 seconds now ffs and any losing match up against an ap champ is doomed to lose. Riot you believed that a champion and the mechanics of the game must be fun to play with and against... if you truly believe in that design philosophy you'll balance the dmg or provide away to circumvent being absolutely destroyed by damage with no way to counter move. Damn it so help me I'll uninstall and rally people around this discussion to uninstall is this is not fixed asap. And trust me as a thresh who's honed the art of being helpful to the team without balls ass damage I love this game... I know that some times when i land hooks it's devastating and can frustrate people but at least it feels like you were legitimately out played in such situations.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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