Can Tanks Be Adressed Afer So Many Years, or is it Too Late?

This was on the wiki page under galio, since this was said galio received more AP and AD scaling and currently has higher scaling than most mages on 2 of his abilities. this goes for most tanks, the free ability to blow up squishies without a scratch. {{champion:31}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:3}} I think scaling nerfs are long overdue, but im not sure if we'll get them (im not proposing we make tanks do no damage, just have more focus be on soaking it up and ENABLING their teammates, {{champion:78}} is the perfect example of a tank in League Of Legends, as is{{champion:223}} and {{champion:89}} also {{champion:98}} I'm mainly writing to start a healthy community discussion. Edit: comment no (squishy) as polls can't be edited {{item:3070}}
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