Why is ranked all of a sudden such a coin flip lately?

Trying my best to keep my fucking mental and not be a toxic as hell player, but my goodness, the state of ranked for me lately has been so atrocious, i cannot fathom how anyone has ever reached my rank thus far. Before any single person comes in and tells me that it its my fault that I lost those games, that may indeed be the case, I of course have things to improve on just like everyone else. Game after game of afk farming junglers, game after game of players ignoring others and throwing leads, game after game of players taking farm from carries because every single person has the mental of a pea. I recently demoted to platinum 3 on the oce server, and for the first time this season i am finding players are not where they should be. The odd occasional game i would get some players who would make some mistakes and that was okay, and then i would get an equal balance of good players on my team, ones who synergise well and help out team mates. What is going on, are other players finding this to be the case? I dont understand, why would i want to play ranked with players who DONT WANT TO WIN?
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