support just cant carry a game

i feel like support characters are the worse in lol. Any other roles gets 2 kills and then can snowball and carry the game. JG mid and top all can dominate the game if they just get a 2 kill lead at start. Then we get to support. 2 kills on them is nothing. They barely get any stronger and they dont have much impact on the game. Yeah i get they are there to help adc get kills, but if team falls behind, support can only really do CC or try make plays, but cant carry. They are forced to try get their adc kills, which makes there adc strong and then the adc can carry. but no love for support. And if support is the best player on the team, then that makes it a lot harder. I have seen a top carry, mid carry, jg carrry, adc carry. Support carry is rare. and yes i get the whole, dont play support, but Im just thinking here about a clear issue with support characters. From -was a support main
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