Passing Azir Ult: when do you get damaged for how much?

Who passes Azir's Ultimate? [FULL EDITION]
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Hi guys and hopefully Riot, I have a few questions regarding to Azir's ultimate and when you get damaged by it, like shown in the video. No need to watch the whole thing, I'm only confused about Ahri and Alistar. As shown for ALL those who try to pass and fail gets damaged. In Ahri's case, she gets damaged by all three attempts of R, while in Alistar's case, he gets damaged again even after being damaged by the initial knock back. My questions are, DO you get damaged by trying to pass Azir's wall and failing? Do the damage repeat? How much damage is it exactly? If so is the value of the damage known to the Azir player? Do you take reduced damage for repeated trials? (eg Ahri's R) I am aware these could be due to bugs but that's unlikely since it's true for all champions not just specifics. (as shown in video) It'd be really helpful if someone can clarify this as I currently main Azir. Thanks in advance.
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