Spectral Fiddlesticks brightness -90%

brightness -90% with body much dimmer, I have used this skin for 1000 games already, you nerf it to a piece of wood now? riot. {{summoner:14}} Lets not talk about how unfriendly those crab to fiddle originally. It took 20s > 30s now, thank you for the harder sight control riot. Strategy Diversity : break the record, have you ever nerfed any spell range in 150? nope? good we have the record now. For a fiddle player who played 5000 matches with him, I find it the nerf came so quick and hard, I probably drop from master to plat. I have been doing fiddle all role since S4, now I think there is no way I can lane again. I hope all your riot's D reduce to teemos' length right after.
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