Alright guys ive got a question. how does riot match there games? So a few mates and i were playing and our MMR's are 1000 and lower, we had a few games they wernt too bad until all of a sudden we are put against a plat 5 player with a mmr of 1,600. So two of us are bronze 5, one is unranked and the other is silver 5 how does this equal a fair match up? so i though okay maybe they were duoing with someone so i had a look at there match history and i find out that they were playing with a bronze 3 and a unranked. It's frustrating because it ruins the game for other low level players. it makes me question how is matchmaking done? how can it be fair for a bronze to vs a plat? i understand if it were ranked teams but not in normal's. can anyone answer my question? the mmr's are: Ladytatiana- 982 mmr Derpyharpy- 958 riven to madnes- 1048 ningart- unranked (lvl 25) mogolian- unknown vs Cactus lord 1631 blackchan69er-1011 Garryn-1050 clueless- 1037 kangaroorida- 1072

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