Uninteractive lane Matchups

So i wanted to create a discussion on this, and have delayed it a bit, but basically wanted to create it since i had a game against a GP, as it had to be one of the most forced uninteractive lanes i have been in for a long time. So basically this facet of League isn't limited to GP, and is probably most seen in Sustainablity (Read healing, i'm looking at you Soraka) and is probably one of the most shitty and boring parts to league. Basically it's any lane that if your intelligent, interactions with your enemy laner isn't worth it, either because they have healing, or trading with them just isn't possible (IE. Gangplank will just poke you down with Q and you can't do anything but take it, or all in him) and these lanes are just too often something that you will find. Some good examples: Gangplank Vladimir Soraka Rek'sai (i had a game of lane rek'sai the other day, against a lissandra, she was poking me for 5 minutes, and was still not realizing that my health wasn't going down) Zac (i've played plenty of lane Zac, it's rare to see much beat it because interacting with him is basically impossible. And sure, some of these are really niche picks, but holy shit, GP is a massive pick, same with Vlad, and Soraka is just a core Bronze-Platinum pick. My question is what is riot's stance on these sorts of lanes, where basically, interacting with your lane opponent is killing yourself.
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