Ever feel like the games are to one sided?

Hey, Im in bronze and im struggling to learn new things in ranked at the moment. Quite often i feel like im consistantly doing OK yet i keep getting stuck in bronze 5 / 4 then back to 5 Its just that the games are SOOOOO one sided. Either they get super fed or we get super fed. There are never any REALLY close gripping games where im at. Its just so frustrating how i try my best and we get a huge lead and win easy (nothing learned) or we make some mistakes and they get a huge lead (nothing learned again) I have a theory that it might be the shear lack of people on this server. Not enough people to make fair groupings all the time so you get some really good and really bad players all on the same level and they just bring each other down. It cant be luck. And although im not challenger im atleast OKish.. silver at the most What do you guys think?

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