TFT - most BS RNG system

Okay, so i've noticed this over the following days - TFT be like: Yo enemy have items? GOOD, SCREW YOU, YOU DONT GET ANY LEL Yo enemy gettin perfect rolls? GOOD, YOU DONT NEED NOTHIN SCREW YOU MWAHAHAHA Yo enemy have perfect "random" movements allowing them all too attack? Well, you don't need to attack I swear to jeebus, that TFT was written and scripted up by an iron player in terms of balancing because this is hands down the most BS RNG kinda crap around. And its CONSTANT. Not 1 or 2 games, but a good 95% of games. Adding now: What inject exploit are people running to stop enemies from attacking them? Asking since apparently no unit of mine ever wants to attack an enemy around the end.

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