Runes Reforged Feedback

I've played around 10 games in the new runes system. While I was originally looking forward to it, so far I'm mostly disappointed for a few reasons: - It encourages a lot of cheese, and champions feel more separated from their identities, and are able to overcome a lot of their inherent weaknesses of their class a lot more (classes now feel more tied to runes than the champions in the class themselves) - There are a lot of minor runes you can't view about an enemy that are important when making decisions in game - There's less clarity and counter play since there appears to be a lot more power in the game, one shot potential - Strategies for the early game feel too strong, and scaling strategies feel ridiculous if you get there - there's a lot of investment required to practise and relearn the game to climb solo q for next season A few issues with specific runes / items: - Press the attack is a bit like deathfire touch, may be better if the additional champ is tied to the person with the mastery who procs it - Arcane comet is unreliable since its easy to dodge - Stopwatch is unkind to zed, think he may need some power elsewhere in his kit to compensate - Fleet footwork feels underpowered in comparison to the other two keystones runes in the precision tree Understand it's preseason however, and there's a long time until the next season to adjust balance. I think there are some advantages too as a player that's been playing catch up starting late season 5, I'll be relearning with some veterans and may be at less of a disadvantage. I like the simplicity of the system, and the ability to customise runes / rune pages depending on the game.
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