Why do people say "Let the mages deal with Rammus" or any high armor tank for that matter.

This applies to any tank really. This is not a bitch thread, just pointing out the number side of league and legitimately asking how to kill something with such high health. It legitimately seems like stacking hp is the way to go in league at the moment. You notice the enemy team picked Rammus, and short of preparing your anus for his free win, you decide to listen to all the advice people give and pick some AP. Given that any ADC who hits Rammus will kill themselves in a few auto attacks, it's entirely up to you to deal with the spiky menace, removing fun from league with every step he takes. Let's assume that for some reason he still itemizes purely armor, despite having magic damage on the enemy team. {{item:3068}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3083}} seems reasonable. High armor, high health, no AD will ever kill me now! It looks as though he is vulnerable to magic damage right?! Right?! Health wise 500 + 500 + 500 + 0 + 800 = 2300 + 2026(base) = 4326 total health. His base magic resist at 18 is 53, and his W gives him 120. He is probably likely to take 12MR in runes. This puts him at 189. No MR items, 189 MR. Let's assume that even though he has built no MR, you will still pick up a Void staff, and take Sorc boots. You have 8 from runes and 8 from tree (Precision). That's brought the deathball down to 91MR, or better put, 47% reduction to magic damage. I don't think I can think of any mage who can do 4326 damage in a _reasonable_ amount of time, let alone 8652 after his MR does it's job. Given that mages are usually bursty, or have cycles of damage, how can anybody assume that they are to kill people with such high health? It is different with armor/health because physical damage is usually sustained, so you are constantly taking a barrage of damage and there isn't a threshhold of health you need. With mages, once you reach enough raw health (not effective health) to live through their burst, the MR you have just makes you untouchable. Without any MR items your health pool doubles. If you were to build a ZZ'Rot or a Spirit Visage it would nearly triple. I'm aware that burst mages aren't supposed to deal with the frontliners, but in the case of Rammus (anyone with thornmail for that matter), no one else on your team can touch him. It seems that there is no kill potential on targets who have high health, because the innate MR they have sends the amount of damage required to kill them through the roof. If I am seeing it wrong, please point it out.. but from a number point of view I can't understand how a Lux (full combo at 1kap does 3050raw) is supposed to kill someone who needs 3 times her full damage to die. EDIT: The stats can't be wrong. There is a reason that 7/10 of the highest win rate champs are high health, top/jungle, tanky champs. They also have been flooding the win rates for a very long time.
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