How do you carry as an ADC these days?

I get fed in lane pretty often, but cancer like [Insert top/jungle champ here] will just 100-0 me in a combo. If I sit back in teamfights and wait, its a 5v4 and my team comes out losing. If I enter the fight or even the lane, [insert bruiser] just uses their super balanced point to click CC and ends me. Half the time they can't even be CCd themselves during it. Banshees veil is worthless because either they don't do magic damage and the MR is wasted (Vi, Noc, Panth) or they just decide to smite halfway through travelling and blow it. I can't see what to do when my range is 550 and Ultimate abilities like Vi are 800. TLDR: "Either eat as many of their skills as you can and die hoping your team can finish the 5v5 without you" Vs "Sit and watch your team 5v4 hoping to clean up" EDIT1: At 5-6 items it seems much easier, but mid game you are worth less than a caster minion.
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