Preseason Rune update - Rune Refund Prices way too low

Hello Everyone, As just announced in the latest Riot Pls video _Conversion on Runes purchased before 2017 Ranked season (December 7, 2016)_ _You will receive 100 Blue Essence for each Tier 3 Runes purchased_ _You will receive 300 Blue Essence for each Tier 3 Quints purchased_ _Conversion on Runes purchased during 2017 Ranked season_ _Any runes purchased between the start of 2017 season and September 1, 2017 will receive a full return in Blue Essence. Runes purchased after that date_ _will not be refunded. Cactopus explains more on refunds here._ _Conversion on Rune Pages purchased with IP_ _Any rune pages purchased before September 1, 2017 with IP will receive 1500 Blue Essence per page._ I just want to add my feedback that this is way too low of a refund. Adding all the previous price of my runes up I've spent 124,123 ip on runes and since most were bought pre-2017 since i started the game early season 2 i'd get less than a third of their value. Especially since many of the rune sets that I currently own were the very expensive 820ip runes for marks, seals, and glyphs, and the 2050ip quints. With the price of these I could have had my champion collection done well before 2017, only having just completed buying them all this year after the thousands of games that I've played since starting. Wasn't the whole reason for the upcoming changes that it feels bad to buy runes rather than champs, and that buying runes slowed down your champion unlocking? _HERE’S THE BIG PICTURE: _ _Sometime last year, we started to look into big, long-lasting problems players have with some of the oldest and most fundamental systems in League—specifically IP, rewards, and leveling. A few things quickly became clear: _ _- **Spending IP on runes doesn’t feel good and comes at the expense of unlocking champs**_ _- Grinding to unlock champions takes too long, especially for newer players_ _- Lots of players have huge IP balances with nothing to spend it on_ _- The leveling system hasn’t aged well and offers nothing to longtime players _ Why then are the people like me who made an effort to collect all the runes they could punished for it by getting much less than the asking price for our work at getting all the ip in the first place to buy all these. I know that there's some players out there who own them all. and have more IP than I could dream of, but even still, what's being said at the moment feels like I should have settled with just buying one set of runes and then just saving all my ip. It'd be worth more in the end since I'd still have an extra 70,000ish ip compared to the little i'd actually be getting now. AND my champion collection would have been complete back in season 4 rather than these few extra years grind. Please reconsider the prices. At least make the return more for the more expensive runes, since a set really could have bought you a champion or 3. (fairly sure my crit damage set is the price of 4x 6300 champions for example) Thank you for reading and my apologies if I sound ungrateful, it just feels very bad after all the work I've put into my rune collection LuckyCharm
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