**Summoners** Teleport Flash/Ghost **Runes** ms quints mpen reds armor seals/hp level seals mr blues/scaling mr blues Cdr quints and/or gylphs - situational **Skill order** Max R, W, Q, E **Build** (these items may be situational, but can be used) Frozen heart, boots of lucidity, randumins omen, bansheeis veil, righteous glory, talisman of ascension, LICHBANE, thornmail, warmogs, sunfire. **Your aim should be to get a minimum of 30cdr** **Technique** Good map awareness Draw cards specific to that situation in a small time frame Ability to last hit with succession Surviving the early lane **Strategy** Boots of lucidity rush, into 10% cdr component of frozen heart > shorter cd on ult > several spell rotations during a gank (specifically if they are overextended) Very long stun at max rank which stops foes from escaping, also peels enemy foes like a Nasus with a maxed out w. Punishes over-extension severely Allows you to have a real presence in the early phases of the game with lichbane and all that cdr you take towers down reasonably, provided how tanky you are. **Cons** Low damage Reliant on your team to follow up on plays (not really if you are responding to a party in the bottom lane; 5v4, 3v3, etc) Reliant on your team to deal satisfying dps throughout the game. Reliant on extracting an advantage.
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