suggestion to make tft less luck based

make the champs count for 1 stack of a synergy per tier that they are ie. a tier 3 ww counts for 3 stacks of wild and brawler so that you don't get as screwed by the rng if you don't get all the champs you need like is the case right now. would also make it a lot less punishing if you didn't have items because their overall impact would be less seeing as the buffs would do so much more than they do right now and stacking synergies effectively would allow better players to run over noobs who got lucky and have a draven with bt and rfc. edit: this change would also introduce a meaningful decisions to the game where someone might be able to rank up a unit but that units synergies might already be maxed out so do you upgrade the unit or buy a new unit to start a new synergy? or do you do both and lose some interest to keep your win streak?
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