How Can i Do my Best to Counter a Ranged Top Laner?

I recently played a game as Renekton top lane, against a Graves. He was zoning me off cs and i found it hard to do anything however i managed to hit level 3 and full fury up i prepared for a full health all in, before i knew it i was chunked down to half hp and i was dead before i could chunk the Graves at all, me finishing the game with a 0/9/2 score. I am not calling Graves unbalanced in any way, it's the same for Renekton with ANY ranged top laner matchup, excluding teemo. any ranged champ you can think of has beaten me in a stomp top lane with Renekton on my side. Quinn. Vayne, Tristana, Jayce (although he was an easier matchup but definitely mechanically better than me). How can i cs correctly whilst also hitting fair/reasonablyfairtrades while laning against a ranged top laner? With Teemo i find it different as i just rush banshee's or visage or both and then find it easy to stomp that lane matchup however it isn't so easy with a champion like vayne who does true damage as soon as she hits 3, constantly harassing me before level 3 and making Renekton's level 3 power spike absolutely useless. Again, also not saying Renekton is unbalanced. Just looking for some advice on how i should play a top lane matchup against a ranged laner, do i ask for Jungle pressure? Do i just stick it out and let the ranged cs freely until i hit six? Sincerely Kawt, All advice accepted duly ^_^
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