Hey, could anyone plz suggest any good champs for learning new roles?:3

Hey guys! Soooo I'm a reasonably new player, lvl20 but I honestly don't feel like I've improved much since lvl10. I think this is because I don't really necessarily enjoy playing NEW champions, which is why right now I can only mid and sup(been sticking with Ahri, Lux and Soraka for aaagggeess now) :(. I'd love to learn some new roles and I have a reasonable amount of IP, so could anyone plz suggest any good champs to start learning a role? Tyty:) PS. I've been thinking about learning Nami as a new champ for support(her kit looks rlly versatile), would she be a good choice?:P Edit: WOOHOO, I now have a full list of amazing champs to try out!!!:D You guys are amazing, thanks so much!:)
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