The Best ARAM Team?

Hey Guys I'm wondering what will the be best ARAM team in terms of teamcomp. In my own thought I am thinking of like balancing the teams out so maybe Ziggs {{champion:115}} (as poking ap) then tanks like Zac {{champion:154}} or Mundo {{champion:36}} (that can health regen quick) and maybe adc? like Jinx {{champion:222}} or Kog Maw{{champion:96}} that can get range. * Or Maybe just the wombo combo like Malphite{{champion:54}} , Zac{{champion:154}} , Wukong{{champion:62}} , Orianna {{champion:61}} and obvioulsy Yasuo{{champion:157}} ???. Any thoughts guys? Ps. I also reckon that Zac is kinda a meta now in ranked since he is tanky and can do cc such as knockup. -Yohorien-
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