Prove to me with video evidence how ADC can 1v3 and win their lane

"No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong." - Albert Einstein if 50% win rate is what one will achieve being average relative to the performance of every other player in the game. For one to achieve a desired win rate, they will need to be 5 times the win rate in effectiveness relative to the average of every player in their game. For example, to achieve an 80% win rate, they will need to be 30% over the average which is 50%. So 30% multiplied by 5 is 150%. being 150% more effective than the average of the players on your team means you will have to be a total of 250% effective to the average of your teammates. I believe ridiculously strongly that luck plays the initial part of winning the game, if the luck is too far out of your favour, then your actions do not become relevant to the relevant outcome of a game. (win or loss) Over 3 years it has not been proven to me exactly how and why everyone claims that luck is mostly about skill and has very little to do with luck. So I would like video evidence of how an ADC can play out and STOMP a standard bot lane while their support is severely handicapped, in essence, a 1v3. I have been told it is easy for them to do, but I have looked up and could not find any video evidence of this event occuring. I have been told they consistently can achieve an 80% win rate and this is basically the requirement to achieve it. Would someone kindly take the time to prove me wrong with video evidence?
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