Camille Breaks Ekko's Ultimate

19 CRAZY CAMILLE INTERACTIONS | ft. Vandiril - League of Legends
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​{{champion:245}} Ekko has a ability (Chronobreak) that allows him to travel four seconds back in time to the area he was exactly four seconds ago. The new champion Camille has a ability which traps a champion in a Arena. Usually with ekko's Ult Chronobreak he is able to escape from champion spawned arenas (for example "Jarven IV: Cataclysm") because when he is trapped in the champion spawned arena, he was not trapped there four seconds ago so therefore he could use his ability to escape since his ability allows him to travel back in time when he was not captured. Camille has the same ability as Jarven IV in which she creates a arena which traps champions, but for some reason if ekko is trapped in it, when he uses his ult it only teleports him to the edge of the arena and not even out of the arena where he was four seconds ago. Redmercy made a video explaining Camille's abilities effects on diffrent champions: Ekko starts at 9:30
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