Some Champs Need Some Lovin'

Alright, Riot I know you dudes are working on new skins almost all of the time. I appreciate that it takes a lot of valuable resources to release a new skin. I'm aware of (some of) the intricacies of video game development and how a business runs. However, as a lowly Heimerdinger main, I noticed that his last skin came out around the time of his visual update. Which, if I'm not mistaken, was a long time ago. After the release of Dragon Trainer Tristana, I realised an opportunity for a new skin for him. After you guys mentioned that you wanted to expand the universe of certain skins (releasing new Blood Moon, Arcade, and Star Guardian skins). Now, Heimerdinger is a yordle inventor. What if, say, he was a yordle dragon trainer? Much like Tristana. That's a skin that I would buy on the spot. I'm not going to list off a bunch of champs that also need new skins, because I'm sure you guys are already working on them. Also, I know Heimerdinger is definitely not the most popular champion (hence why he's barely buffed or nerfed), so it's understandable that he doesn't get many skins, but I'm sure the Heimerdinger players would love this skin if it's done well. With much respect for everyone except the people that coded Tristana's W, Me

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