What's really the role of a Support?

I'm curious to know what the community thinks that the role of a support is. Lately I've been getting quite a few game in which people believe that the support role is limited to: **- Staying in bot lane only until laning phase is done no matter how much time it takes for the adc to achieve that. - Not take any kills at all - Constantly ward around the map - Peel for the adc no matter what - Never be the one to split push even if no one else is doing it** While I do agree that the support role has (to an extent) to cover some of those points, I do also believe that there are some other things getting overlooked. In LoL as well as other games I've always liked to support, but not just mindlessly following the adc or party and healing or sacrificing other aspects of the support role. What I like doing is to have an overall look of the game, support the whole team rather than just one character and even taking kills. The way i like to play support is more like: - Stay in lane for 3 or 4 levels ( 6 or 7 if the adc is not doing so hot and needs extra help) - Roam and help mid and jungler to get kills and/or objectives or even escape death if they're in a risky situation and ward (shouldn't be the only one warding tho) - Take some kills here and there and try to get support items during the early stage of the game (early gold can help a support get a SS ($800) or a few control wards ($75 each) and ward to give vision benefiting the whole team vs a BF ($1500) on an ADC to only benefit him/her) - Peel for adc and others without risking a double kill, if you know it'll be a double kill, then don't go in - Take control of the mini map and ping other so keep them informed (everyone should ping for their lane tho, because if the support is mid fight, you can't expect him/her to be looking at mini map during a fight to check if the midlaner has disappeared) - If no one is caring for the lanes and letting them get pushed and minions are destroying torrets, first ping your teammates, if they are still not going (not because they're in fight but because they prefer to chase the enemy team) then you can take lead and go, clean push a bit and come back to the team. I've noticed that the games I've played with people with my same mindset re: support role we actually had heaps of fun and everyone covered their basics quite well, while on the other hand, when i was forced to play on the first style people were a bit toxic and greedy for kills. What are your thoughts? Please don't rant, I'm just curious to know what the community think that the support role should cover.
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