Dont know how to win

I dont know what to play anymore its like im gonna give up on this game soon i play every game with the intent to win but i end up losing i play my best role lose i play my secoundary role i lose i then get paired up with people that wanna feed intetionally or afk i report but then sadly see them on the same team as me the next game and do the same thing its like the reporting system dosent mean shit. Im floating around the s3 and s4 tier i keep going up and down and its bloody pissing me off i end up on a 10 losing streak then a 10 winning streak and before you know it i realise im achieving jack shit from this and wasting countless hours playing this game especially having 400 rank games in total riot is bloody shit for ranking me up with these kind of people especially when i want to climb but no never happens Thank you for reading and hearing my complain Norbit
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