I'm acompletenoob here with no understanding of Terminology, please help.

I have been trolling through the forums to try and locate a "Beginners guide" as such to the game without any luck. So I figure "Gameplay and Strategy" as the namesake, is the place to be and can't find anything useful. So can you guys shed some of your skills, knowledge and wisdom/experiences to us noobs and enlighten us to some facets to the gameplay and reasons. I stumbled across a Kiwi gent passing on Jungling skills and pre game planning, and that advice is golden. MWAORRRR PLEASE..... I've grasped some terms like below, but please add many more and or lead us noobs to a beginners guide to the game.{{summoner:4}} Eg. The term " ADC " - "Attack Damage Carry", pretty obvious "Attack Damage" - refers to the build and Champs skills, but "Carry"... What does this refer too? Alot of us are noobs to this, not Smurfs or rerolls. So is there a area that can educate us before we travel out there into the game world, and avoid getting abused for not knowing? "Smurf" accounts or as I know them Rerolls - I get why people to them. Make new accounts and start all over, as a player, you now have alot of experience in the Pvp arena but basically you make these accounts to improve your stats. But unfortunately at the expense of all the noobs out there. You crucify new players and make them want to leave the game, whilst floating your ego's....is this right or fair? You all decide. Jungler - the player that starts not on a lane, with Jungling skills and masteries and Runes etc allowing them to lvl up and get equipment from the Jungle monsters. Meta - No fn idea yet i hear it all the time. Support - I guess its a champ not best at Ganking a enemy Champ, but is a team based Champ that boosts your guys to make them more effective. But honestly, i have no idea. Is there a guide to why you take "X" item for this reason as it does "Blah" etc etc on the forums? "Eg {{item:3301}} For a Support, as you want your lane partner to kill minions, boosting him along faster, whilst you also gain a benefit from them doing this." Sorry it maybe very obvious and simple to others, but there is many out there too intimidated to ask for this type of game knowledge or assistance. Also if you wish to open any "Known Strategy" and it's benefits etc, why you do "X" with "Said Champ". Please add. Ty for your time and any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. AnArtillerySpecialist

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